OUR MISSION: To improve the health of people within our region through effective use of information and collaboration to establish our region as a community of health excellence through a comprehensive focus on population health, patient experience, cost of care, and provider well-being.

The Michigan Health Improvement Alliance, Inc., or MiHIA (ma-high-ah), is a diverse group of stakeholders collaborating together as a non-profit organization to improve health and health delivery in central Michigan. This formal community collaboration is designated to build a health care system where consumers, providers and payers make decisions based on the value and quality of care.


Targets health and systems broadly at the regional level

The Triple Aim framework is the compass to optimize health and health care. MiHIA’s regional approach is based on a core belief that solutions to national problems – like healthcare – can be found and designed at local levels. 


In the 1960’s, during a time of significant strife around civil rights, and while attempting to draw attention to the realities of racism, Dr. Martin Luther King said, “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” In the more than 50 years that have passed since that time – and despite the sincere and tireless efforts by the black community to educate all of us – America is still mired in structural racism. Equity for our black and brown brothers and sisters is missing in matters of housing, education, and economic opportunities. Difficult access to high quality medical care and social services plagues a disproportionate number of our black and brown citizens. And the appalling figures of death and injury due to socioeconomic plight and police racial injustice tilt unfavorably in their direction. 

MiHIA has been dedicated to advancing the health of all people in the region and will continue to vigorously pursue our vision and mission.

In conjunction with our 2020 Open Letter to the Community on Race and Ethnicity, and with thoughtful review, MiHIA believes it can and should take additional actions.

MiHIA Commitments and Action

  • MiHIA commits to increase the racial/ethnic diversity of our MiHIA BOD within one year.
  • MiHIA commits to advance discussion with our partners regarding the THRIVE Steering Team Diversity.
  • MiHIA commits to accelerate and expand our current action to include all people, especially those marginalized communities, in planning and implementation of our work.
  • MiHIA will seek and connect with partners across the region for meaningful conversations to listen, learn and act on racism and all forms of discrimination.
  • MiHIA commits to add a special focus on equity leadership to the current interviews for our new CEO.

    MiHIA’s Health Dashboard 4.0

    The visual analysis tool that helps people in the 14-county region it serves to make healthy decisions quickly, monitor their region’s performance and practice sharing development. MiHIA’s Health Dashboard 4.0 is powered by Health Communities Institute (HCI), which provides high-quality community health assessment data and health indicator tracking. With the help of the Dashboard, MiHIA aims to improve the overall health status and quality of life for communities throughout Great Lakes bay region.