Health & Well-bEING FUND

The region is experiencing a disturbing rate of deteriorating health outcomes and preventable mortality, especially among the most vulnerable underserved communities. Data continues to indicate gaps in access and health outcomes, reinforcing the opportunities for improvement across our rural, urban, and broad geographical region.

Chronic diseases touches one of every two U.S. adults and accounts for 86% of our nation’s health spending. This can also contribute to:

  • Decrease in absenteeism
  • Increase in physical activity
  • Reduce obesity rates
  • Improve mental health and well-being

As awful as those numbers are, many of these diseases can be prevented by reducing risk factors such as poor education, access to health and affordable foods, transportation and improving other social determinants of health that play a role in their development.


The magnitude of challenges demands engagement of all forces and a regional view. As a 14-county multistakeholder community collaborative, MiHIA plays a unique role in outlining shared prevention goals, identifying evidence-based interventions, coordinating the funding streams, and acting as a convenor of regional stakeholders.

By creating innovative partnerships between primary care, community-based organizations, employers, and local philanthropic/community foundations, we can better address obstacles to healthy living.

Innovative, high functioning communities are choosing regionalization of financing strategies.
They’ve achieved success through unity, creating synergies across sectors, and ultimately improving health outcomes and reducing the overall healthcare cost to their region.


MiHIA, realizing that the region may need to blend and braid money from many sources to enable success, is building upon current successful infrastructure: the Regional Health & Well-Being Fund. It will interweave funding noted in the graphic to the right, and identify other opportunities to increase investments.

MiHIA specifically designed this fund for the ongoing support of 

  • Evidence-informed and practice-based community prevention activities for the improvement of health.
  • Projects with more flexibility, speed and sustainability than organizations could individually.
  • Activities that reduce incidents of preventable health conditions, costs and health inequities.
  • Create environments that support health and safety of the citizens in the 14-county region that MiHIA serves.

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