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Virtual Diabetes Prevention Program

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Across the United States, chronic disease touches 1 in 2 adults with diabetes being one of the leading causes of death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 25 million people have diabetes, including both diagnosed and undiagnosed cases. Additionally, the direct medical expenditures attributable to diabetes are over $116 billion and equates for 86 percent of our nation’s health spending according to the CDC. Diabetes disproportionately affects minority populations and the elderly, and its incidence is likely to increase as minority populations grow and the U.S. population ages. Our mid-Michigan region is witnessing an alarming rate of deteriorating health outcomes and preventable mortality, especially among the most vulnerable underserved communities.


To address chronic disease and upstream system change through implementation of the program up to 180 individuals within 14 counties.

To help people who have pre-diabetes or certain risk factors and want to try to prevent progressing to type 2 diabetes and make positive changes in their eating and exercise behavior.

MiHIA is implementing the Canary Health ® virtual Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). The virtual intervention will address chronic disease and upstream system change through implementation of the program up to 180 individuals within 14 counties, including Midland County, in a 24-month time period which began February 2019.


Canary Health

“I live with diabetes. I was able to work with my doctor to reduce the dosage of my diabetic medication by carefully using Good Measures to both track what I did eat and to provide suggestions as to what I might consider eating next.”

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MiHIA’s Health Dashboard 4.0

The visual analysis tool that helps people in the 14-county region it serves to make healthy decisions quickly, monitor their region’s performance and practice sharing development. MiHIA’s Health Dashboard 4.0 is powered by Health Communities Institute (HCI), which provides high-quality community health assessment data and health indicator tracking. With the help of the Dashboard, MiHIA aims to improve the overall health status and quality of life for communities throughout Great Lakes Bay Region.