Engaging Pharmacist to Improve Chronic Disease Management

Collective Impact brings people together for a structured way to achieve social change.


To gain a better understanding of the role community pharmacist can play in increasing patient engagement associated with medication self-management and adherence for adults in the central Michigan area. 

MiHIA and its regional partners will focus on improving community-clinical linkages, increasing the use of health-care extenders in the community in support of chronic disease self-management.  Increased engagement will stem from improved communication, coordination and relationship building between the pharmacists and prescriber, the prescriber and patient, and the pharmacist and patient. This also includes informing and educating community pharmacists about the challenges of  medication therapy management improving patient outcomes, and enhancing provider outcomes in a partnership with the MDHHS.


To provide an opportunity for physicians and pharmacists to come together in a planned yet casual setting to: 

  • Develop recommendations for systems design that will increase positive patient outcomes.
  • Discuss current activities within care teams that leverage collaborative practice agreements for drug therapy and patient care service models.
  • Explore the opportunities to expand the use of collaborative practice agreements or other systems change efforts that may optimize patient care services, drug therapy, medication monitoring and adherence, and patient outcomes.
  • Collect information to educate/inform the State of Michigan on approaches to increasing patient engagement in treatment for hypertension.


Community pharmacists, embeded pharmacists, social workers, physicians and mid-level healthcare providers

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