Collective Impact brings people together for a structured way to achieve social change.


Provide opportunities for physical activity, social interaction, therapy and access to fresh vegetables for residents. The gardens provide a place for people to meet and bond, exercise, educate and learn and practice land stewardship.


Develop one (1) new, or expanded, community garden site in a new county (per year)

To increase community enrichment, through enhanced social interaction, cross-generational and cultural mentorship. To create opportunities for community members to voluntarily serve and support health priorities of the community.


Saginaw YMCA, Marlette Regional Hospital, Community Mental Health for Central Michigan – Midland County,  The Midland Community Center, Windover High School


Marlette Regional Hospital, Bay Area Community Foundation, Dow Chemical Company

DIGIT! Community Garden Readiness Assessment

MiHIA is committed to creating community gardens to increase access to fresh produce within the region. The MiHIA Regional Community Health Improvement Plan (RCHIP) recognizes that community gardens are an evidence-based strategy to reducing the adult obesity rate. MiHIA is seeking to create gardens in counties where community gardens currently do not exist as well as to enhance counties with additional gardens in other areas of their county. MiHIA’s fund development activity includes seeking grant funds for establishing new or enhancing current gardens. As such, it is important to identify communities and organizations that are “shovel ready” when funding is identified and available.To be considered for future garden development within your community, please complete the Community Garden Readiness form and submit it to MiHIA at admin@Mihia.org. 

“We know that adults with a household member participating in a community garden consume fruits and vegetables 1.4 times more each day,” says Trotter. “One of MiHIA’s top priorities as an organization is to positively impact population health, and community gardens are a simple, practical, on-the-ground method to increasing awareness and access to fresh food. Personally, I love seeing how MiHIA can translate large population health needs into concrete, actionable steps that local communities can embrace. The Saginaw YMCA and their team are a perfect example of this in action!”

Katie Trotter, 2018 Saginaw Dig It! Coordinator

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MiHIA’s Health Dashboard 4.0

the visual analysis tool that helps people in the 14-county region it serves to make healthy decisions quickly, monitor their region’s performance and practice sharing development. MiHIA’s Health Dashboard 4.0 is powered by Health Communities Institute (HCI), which provides high-quality community health assessment data and health indicator tracking. With the help of the Dashboard, MiHIA aims to improve the overall health status and quality of life for communities throughout Great Lakes bay region.