MiHIA HEALTH Dashboard 4.0

To create a common place for data to be obtained, allowing individuals within the region quick access to information that could help advance the mission and vision of improving the Quadruple Aim.

MiHIA’s Health Dashboard 4.0 is the visual analysis tool that helps people in the MiHIA region monitor their communities health and well-being, provides resources to improve their health outcomes and provides a platform for sharing best practices. Health Dashboard 4.0 provides high-quality community health assessment data and health indicator tracking, powered and supported by Conduent (formerly Healthy Communities Institute (HCI)).

With the help of the Dashboard, MiHIA aims to improve the overall health status and quality of life for communities throughout their 14 County Region.

A key priority of MiHIA’s is to be responsive to its partners’ needs and uses of selected health data. Health Dashboard 4.0 provides information that will motivate change and behaviors, promote healthier lifestyle choices, and improve overall health outcomes in the region. Health Dashboard 4.0 solidifies MiHIA’s role within the region as the go to entity when information and resources are needed for assessment, interpretation, prioritization of health issues, evidence-based interventions, funding opportunities, local and regional initiatives and sharing of success stories.


Supporting Organizations



Promising Practices

Dashboard Features

The Health Dashboard 4.0 is a customizable, web-based information system which will provide the data and tools to help health care systems, health departments, and communities collaborate to assess community health needs, identify best practices, and interventions to improve health outcomes and track and evaluate program performance.

  • Access to 200+ indicators (from over 400 data sources) that are updated as new information is available; updates provided continuously on a daily and automated basis (as opposed to “on request” method in our current contract) and context to the data through data trends, disparities, gauges, GIS mapping, etc.
  • Advanced Analytics through Data Scoring and SocioNeeds Indexes
  • Access to more than 2,100 best-based strategies, interventions, processes, policies and programs that correlate with the identified health issues for the MiHIA counties/region.
  • Identification of grant funding available
  • Ability to generate customized reports and maps for all users of the site
  • Ability to integrate local, regional and state resources available, including integration of 2-1-1 resources
  • Ability to create and post materials for upcoming events and blogs
  • A user-friendly website for consumers, businesses, healthcare systems, and MiHIA


    Who Can Benefit?

    The Health Dashboard equips its users with the instruments necessary to impact community health planning and outcomes, and become a community of health excellence

        • Community Leaders: Identify priorities and advocate for solutions for improving the health of our communities
        • Public Officials: Easily find data and create reports to support population health improvement efforts and policies
        • Employers: Discover programs to improve employee health and wellness to boost workplace morale and increase productivity
        • Educators: Learn about effective programs to promote healthy behaviors for students of all ages
        • Providers: Access regional data for a broad range of health issues and find evidence based preventative and disease management interventions and programs
        • Businesses: Help drive decisions and tailor healthcare benefits to the needs of their workforce. Data helps develop forward-looking healthcare options for employees.
        • Consumers: To understand the health of their community and access to programs that can help improve their well-being and quality of life.  

    2018 Highlights

    Simplified website domain: dashboard.mihia.org

    Redesigned and enhanced homepage design, including improved main menu navigation to help users find tools and resources, information about MiHIA projects, and opportunities to get further involved

    Updated footer bar, providing quicker access to topic-specific data

    Site updates page which outlines platform, indicator, and source updates

    46 New indicators added 

    6 New unique data sources added



    • Location Report Builder. The location report builder tool is an easy way to tell the story of a community in a simple report. Select a location then add in indicators, maps, custom text and more to create a report that can be downloaded as a PDF and easily shared with others.
    • Downloading Data into a CSV. Exported indicator data will now include secondary and tertiary topics.
    • Single Location Map.  Used to map, graph and display in situations where an indicator is only available for one county. This includes the map, graph, and data table.
    • Quick Facts to Indicators. Quick Facts Demographics will now display as individual indicators on the community dashboard. Demographics Dashboard links will redirect to a curated Demographics Dashboard.
    • Sort by Status. Dashboards can now be sorted by comparison and value. This new feature is available under the “Additional Search Options” on the build a custom dashboard page.
    • Sort Indicator Detail page by Ancestor Locations. Users can now filter the indicator detail page to only display locations within a parent location.
    • Icon/Gauge Hover Over on Indicator Spotlight and Mini-Dashboards. The measurement period and value will now appears when hovering over an icon or gauge on the Indicator Spotlight tile and Mini-Dashboards.
    • Map Navigation. Allows users to view indicator or demographic data by selecting a location on a map. 
    • Resource Library Display. Changes the search display in the Resource Library by Resource Type, Topic, Sub-Topics, or No Grouping.
    • Zero-Based Axis. Enable a zero-based y-axis for all charts individually or as a site setting. 
    • Build a Custom Dashboard. On the Community Health Dashboard, the “Build a Custom Dashboard” button has moved! You will now find this option alongside the other curated dashboards.
    • Link to Specific Comparisons. Each selected comparison on the indicator detail page now has its own URL.
    • Map Selector on Community Dashboard Page – Users are now able to use a map to select a location to find data. Click the icon next to the “Find a Location” dropdown to view a map of all available locations. Selecting a location in the map will bring you to a dashboard for the selected location. 
    • Indicator List View. Added subcategory data to indicator list view when breakout categories are included in the filters. Added direct link to locale types from indicator list view for indicator data.
    • Search. Modified keyword searches for indicators, resource library, and promising practices to increase the weighting of title when calculating relevance.
    • Archived Indicators. Added an icon and link to the Help Center FAQ page for archived indicators.

    2018 Dashboard Partners

    We gratefully recognize the organizations who generously support the MiHIA Health Dashboard 4.0. Together we can fulfill our goals to create a common place for data to be obtained, allowing individuals within the region quick access to information that will help advance the mission and vision of improving the Quadruple Aim.

    Aetna Foundation
    Bay County Health Department
    Bay Health Plan
    Central Michigan University – College of Health Professions
    Central Michigan University – College of Medicine
    Community Mental Health of Central Michigan
    Covenant HealthCare

    Dow Chemical Foundation
    Great Lakes Bay Health Centers (formerly Health Delivery, Inc.)
    McLaren Bay Region
    Mary Kushion Consulting, LLC.
    Midland Area Community Foundation
    Midland County Health Department
    Michigan Health Endowment Fund
    Saginaw County Department of Public Health
    St. Mary’s of Michigan
    Saginaw Community Foundation
    Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority
    Saginaw Health Plan
    Saginaw Valley State University