Community Health Excellence Award

An assessment tool to promote a thriving healthy community

What is the Community HeaLth Excellence Award?

The Michigan Health Improvement Alliance, Inc. (MiHIA) Community Health Excellence Award recognizes and inspires outstanding contributions to improving the health status of the community in our 14-county region. Recognition is awarded to those groups or workplaces who have contributed to improving the culture of health in any capacity. Both evidenced-based and innovative actions will be considered for the award. This initiative was developed by MiHIA’s Population Health Strategy Team and aligned to the MiHIA Quadruple Aim Leadership Committee of the Board of Directors.

Why is the Health Scorecard valuable for your organization?

MiHIA’s Health Scorecard allows your organization to consider evidence-based health improvement strategies to identify and consider evidence based strategies that could be implemented within your organization, helping all stakeholders shift to a focus on well-being. Organizations that choose to submit the Health ScoreCard will become part of a network of organizations committed to improving health for the region.  This network can provide your organization with access to the latest in best practices for employee wellness and opportunities to collaborate and innovate with regional partners. Your organization may choose to get involved at any level to gain access to the network of collaborative technical assistance, data, and information on health improvement. The Health ScoreCard  is just one way we build an understanding of your organization and how you are impacting health in the region. The Health ScoreCard  helps us identify opportunities to connect you to the network of available resources and identify opportunities for your organization to contribute to the body of knowledge we have in the region. 

How it works

  • Complete the assessment
  • Add up your score and be sure to subtract those points that are marked as N/A for your organization from the total points possible.
  • Calculate your percentage overall
  • Complete the submission for Community Health Excellence Award
  • Set an organizational 3-year improvement goal
  • Develop an action strategy
  • Get involved with MiHIA as one strategy of your health action plan

Submission Overview



The Dow Chemical Company
MidMichigan Health
Sanilac County Health Department
YMCA of Saginaw


MidMichigan Health ( was recognized for this award for developing programs and opportunities to enhance the health outcomes of not only the patients they serve but for their employees as well. Their progressive approach for wellness covers everything from an employee wellness program that provides a 24/7 onsite fitness center, nutrition counseling, healthy reduced lunch plates in the cafeterias, “relaxation” stations on nursing units and ‘Walks and Talks’ with executive leaders, directors and managers.

Community Mental Health for Central Michigan ( was recognized for developing programs and opportunities to enhance the health outcomes by integrating physical and behavioral health into their operations. Some of their initiatives include bringing healthcare on-site to see patients at a CMH office location, an on-site community garden, on-site health screenings, as well as providing smoke-free campus and work environments.