[Saginaw, MI] Since its inception and launch in 2016, Michigan Health Improvement Alliance’s (MiHIA) Community Health Excellence Award was established to recognize and inspire outstanding contributions to improving the health status of our 14-county region. The shared vision is for our region to become the healthiest thriving community with the best quality and value in health care.Each year, recognition is awarded to those organizations, groups or workplaces who have contributed to improving the culture of health in any capacity. Both evidenced-based and innovative actions are considered for the award.

Launching in February 2018, a revised scorecard will be shared to better help the process of highlighting and advancing health excellence in our region. MiHIA’s new Health ScoreCard is instrumental in streamlining the application process, a vast change from its once 40+ page document. This new online format is easier to understand, encouraging more organizations to participate in the process. The scorecard also includes guidance on how one can efficiently look at ways to improve the overall health within their organization.

Organizations review their current health strategies on the application, it assists in pointing out strengths and areas for improvement, acting as a checklist to aide in developing action strategies to improve the overall health and well-being within their organization.

Who qualifies for this award? School systems and higher educations, hospital systems, large and small companies, grocery stores, churches, non-profits, etc. Any community organization in the 14-county region can apply to receive this award.

MiHIA’s new scorecard aide in producing greater impact while streamlining the application process.

Submission Packets are due 10/1/2018, by 5:00 PM to admin@ All submission packets are kept confidential.

Honorees will be recognized at the 10th Annual Regional Health and Health Systems Conference in January 2019 a Saginaw Valley State University.

To view the Health ScoreCard visit mihia.org or you can begin completing the submission online.

To request additional information or a hardcopy Health ScoreCard email admin@