The Michigan Health Improvement Alliance, or MiHIA, is a formal, multi-sector, non-profit collaboration network working to achieve community health excellence in the 14-county region it serves in central Michigan. MiHIA has many successful health initiatives, including a program called Bridging for Health. Bridging for Health: Improving Community Health Through Innovations in Financing, coordinated by the Georgia Health Policy Center and funded through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, fosters connections to rebalance and align investments in health. To accomplish this, the program focuses on innovations in three areas: financing; collaboration and collective impact; and health equity.

The Georgia Health Policy Center recently awarded a $30,000 accelerator grant to MiHIA to support growth of a regional Health and Well-Being Fund. Funds from the award  will be used to support momentum and capacity  in enhancing the structure, and focusing on expanding and diversifying funding to see improved health outcomes through prevention focused interventions that address chronic health conditions. The immediate chronic health outcome of interest is preventing type II diabetes through the CDC approved virtual Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP).

Chronic diseases touch one out of every two U. S. adults and account for 86% of our nation’s health spending, many of these diseases can be prevented by reducing the risk factors such as poor education, access to healthy and affordable food, and improving the social drivers of health that play a role in their development. By creating innovative partnerships between primary care, community-based organizations, employers, and local community foundations, these risk factors can be better addressed and help eliminate many of the obstacles of healthy living.


Collectively, MiHIA equips partners with strategic direction allowing for implementation of positive change, working to achieve a healthier community and region for us all.

MiHIA will work on expansion of the fund between November 2018, and April 2019. During this time, outreach will be made to local employers as an opportunity to invest in and support the regional focus on preventive care for their employees. Small and medium-sized businesses are important to the success of our region, for them to succeed they need healthy employees. The interventions provided through the evolving Health and Well-Being Fund will act as a resource to these businesses.

Beyond April 2019, MiHIA will continue to work towards developing a long-term, inclusive strategy for the Health and Well-Being Fund, investigating and working to secure as many viable financial sources for sustainability throughout the generations, including health plan allocations, cashable savings and social impact investments.

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