Larry Daly

Director of Planning & Business Development/Patient Experience/Community Health/Ambulatory Network Operations

In what roles have you worked with MiHIA over the years?

It is rewarding for me to work with so many smart and dedicated people as part of MiHIA’s mission to establish our region as a community of health excellence. For almost ten years, I have participated in numerous population health initiatives, and specifically was involved in making the Healthy Communities Institute (HCI) resources available to all in our region via the formation of the MiHIA Dashboard. I have also helped connect our physician network with CHOOSING WISELY and am working to further the efforts of the THRIVE initiative–which is a project to blend both improved health and sustained economic growth in our region.

How did you get involved with all of the work you are doing, and how does it connect with your main role at Covenant?

Soon after I came to Covenant, our CEO at the time, Spence Maidlow, asked me to play an active role in better connecting Covenant with community health needs. As Covenant’s director of strategic planning, Spence felt I could help align Covenant’s strategic plan with the health needs of the people in our community. I first became involved with the collaborative work coming out of Alignment Saginaw. Soon after, I met Dr. Baase and learned about MiHIA and all their community efforts and initiatives. As Covenant cares for patients who live throughout the region, it made great sense for me to align Covenant more closely with MiHIA.

How has the MiHIA Dashboard brought value to the work you do throughout the region? Why should other organizations know about Dashboard?

The information found in the dashboard is critical in keeping your finger on the pulse of community health. It is rich with data and it makes access to that data intuitive and easy. Additionally, to the many data sets provided by HCI, the dashboard serves as a repository for local and regional data to further enhance the identification of health needs and how to effectively address them.

The MiHIA dashboard was used extensively in the creation of the most recent Saginaw Community Health Assessment. This is a document that is used as a road map to assess and improve health in the county.

It’s important to know that any organization or anyone needing to better understand our regional health landscape can access the MiHIA Dashboard. They would be hard pressed to find a better resource!

In your opinion, what are the areas that MiHIA brings value to the region?

Co-convener – It sounds like a buzzword, but I think that it really illustrates MiHIA’s hard work to effectively address the health of our region in so many areas. As a “co” convener, MiHIA activates a network of organizations and individuals and then aligns them to collaboratively work on the key issues that impact the health of each and every one of us.

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