The Michigan Public Health Week Partnership joins the American Public Health Association in celebrating National Public Health Week in April 2020 with the annual presentation of the Hometown Health Hero awards. The Hometown Health Hero award is presented to individuals and/or organizations that have made significant contributions to preserve and improve their community’s health in the focus areas listed below. Awardees are selected from nominations received by you. The only way for someone to receive this award is to be nominated. What person or organization in your community deserves this statewide recognition? Submit the nomination form below by February 14, 2020 by email or fax.

Everyone deserves to live a long and healthy life in a safe environment. To ensure this outcome, we must tackle the causes of poor health and disease risk among individuals and within our communities. Where we live, learn, work, worship and play impacts each of us and can determine our health and life expectancy.

This year we focus on the following areas of public health based on the daily themes for National Public Health Week:

Mental Health – Addressing the needs of people with developmental disabilities, mental illness, traumatic experiences, etc. makes for a more resilient community and enhances the overall health of the community. Who in your community is advocating for and promoting emotional well-being?

Maternal/Child Health – Ensure the health of mothers and babies throughout the lifespan. Efforts like Infant Safe Sleep, increased access to prenatal care among at risk populations, are just some examples of the activities designed to ensure healthy moms and babies. Who in your community is improving the health of mothers and babies?

Violence Prevention – Violence is a public health issue that is a leading cause of premature deaths. Violence and the threat of violence affects individuals, families and communities. Public health-based interventions, such as Home-visiting models and the CURE Violence model, can make a difference. Who in your community is working to reduce personal and community violence?

Environmental Health – Our health is closely tied to our environments. Environmental health policies and programs reduce harmful environmental exposures (natural or manmade) to protect people at work, school and home. Who in your community is protecting the planet?

Education – Education is a leading indicator of good health, giving people access to better jobs, incomes and neighborhoods. Who in your community is advocating for quality education and schools?

Healthy Housing – We all deserve to live in a safe and healthy home. Healthy homes can contribute to making and keeping a person healthy. Who in your community is working to make housing safe and affordable?

Hometown Health Hero awards will be presented at the State Capitol on April 15, 2020, at 11:30 am. Submit your nomination to Jim Koval by email ( or fax (517-335- 8392) Nominations must be received by February 14, 2020.

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