Sheri Leaman Case is the Vice President of Ancillary and Support Services for St. Mary’s of Michigan, which includes St. Mary’s of Michigan Saginaw, St. Mary’s of Michigan Standish and St. Joseph Health System, Tawas.  In this role, she provides strategic leadership and oversees operations for Biomedical Engineering, Clinical Laboratory, Environmental Services, Facilities Management, Food & Nutritional Services, Imaging, Pharmacy, Purchasing Services and Rehabilitation Services including Adult Respite.

Prior to this role, Leaman Case was the Administrator for St. Mary’s Standish Hospital, active in improving access to healthcare in rural areas through the Michigan Center for Rural Health. Throughout her career, she has served on various committees, task forces, councils, executive boards and in other capacities representing Ascension Health, in addition to participating in a variety of professional organizations. She is an adjunct facility member for Saginaw Valley State University.

Leaman Case has a passion for improving the health of our students by encouraging the love of reading and improving their reading skills.  She is a board member of the READ Association of Saginaw County.

Leaman Case holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Michigan-Flint, Certification of Diagnostic Molecular Biology from Michigan State University and a Bachelor’s of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science from Michigan State University.