Centering Pregnancy

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Saginaw County has a rate of preterm delivery of 13.6% compared with the US median of 12.1%. The target for Healthy People 2020 is 11.4%. For low birth weight, our county reports 9.8% compared with 8.2 percent US median and target of 7.8%. Our patient population at CMU Health represents a largely low income, ethnically diverse group of women who are at high risk of poor outcomes and who would stand to greatly benefit from group prenatal care.


To improve birth outcomes in Saginaw County. To do this, MiHIA has partnered with CMU Health to implement Centering Pregnancy.

CenteringPregnancy is group prenatal care that brings women with similar due dates out of exam rooms and into a comfortable setting. It combines interactive learning, health assessments, and provides additional time and attention from health care providers.  Centering helps to support positive health behaviors and drive better outcomes.

This program improves prenatal care by leading groups of 8-12 expectant mothers through a structured process resulting in fewer spontaneous preterm births and less low weight babies, increases breastfeeding rates, and leads to better pregnancy spacing. Participants will meet with their healthcare provider and other expectant mothers for ten two-hour sessions during pregnancy, giving women 10x more time with their provider and creating lasting friendships and connections in ways not possible in traditional care.


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